What Can An Alternator Do for You?

alternator working

Don't be embarrassed if you drive but can’t answer ”What does an alternator do”? Our team is happy to respond. Its noble task boosts the car’s electrical system while the car is running. Officially the battery took charge as the vehicle’s power player. Behind the scenes its function is to start the car. The alternator’s distinction is the generator using a gas engine to fulfill the energy. Yes you need to know more. Head to Omaha Here at Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC it would be our honor. Get what you need at Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Alternator? 

Oh no. Guess what? It’s not good news, You probably have a failing alternator. It time to visit our Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC service center nearBellevue.Here are the signs you need to look for:

  • Battery warning light appearing on the dashboard
  • Dim headlights or interior lights
  • Burning rubber smell under the hood
  • Devices not charging
  • Whining or screeching sound after the vehicle has started
  • Unable to start

Evidence of a Failing Alternator vs. Battery

Now it can be deceiving knowing the difference between a dying alternator and a failing battery. But you must wait until your car is drained and needs a jump. Then start the engine and detach the jumper cables. If nothing happens it is possible it is the alternator. This is where a professional at Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC near Omaha comes in. Schedule an appointment and let us show you our results.

How Many Years Does an Alternator Last?

Turns out most alternators last seven years. That’s without influences that cause damage such as:

  • Alternator quality
  • Driving conditions
  • Power drain on the alternator

What Will it Cost to Replace a Part?

You should know all cars are created differently so it’s difficult to name a particular cost.Keep in mind a free quote in your hands Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMCat (844) 424-8295. We have alternators in stock for yourBuick, Chevrolet, GMC vehicle. Also our trusted technicians have the expertise to properly install the part. 

Help at Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC for a New Alternator 

Before you replace the alternator, call the service center at Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC. You can bank on getting one at a reasonable price. Or schedule an appointment . We are happy to assist near Papillion and Plattsmouth!


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