Why Chevrolet OEM Parts?

You may be asking yourself, “What are the benefits of OEM Chevy parts?” First, let’s explain what OEM means! OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”, which indicates that the parts were engineered by a vehicle manufacturer, such as Chevrolet with OEM Chevrolet parts. These automotive parts are constructed using the same materials as the genuine Chevrolet parts first installed on the vehicle at the time it was assembled when brand new. Compared to aftermarket parts, Chevrolet OEM parts are most costly, but also provide enhanced dependability. Local Omaha and Bellevue drivers can discover more about OEM Chevy parts. Contact us to learn more and schedule your test drive today!

What Do “Aftermarket Parts” Mean?

Automotive manufacturers like Chevy don’t engineer aftermarket parts. These automotive parts are made by third-party companies, or a company other than Chevrolet. Aftermarket automotive parts are engineered at a high volume and are engineered to fit the exact specifications of a vast range of vehicles from various makes, not just Chevy vehicles.

Aftermarket parts are often more cost-effective than OEM Chevrolet automotive parts at first, but that’s generally because they, at best, only fit modestly. Automotive manufacturers tend not to recommend vehicle aftermarket parts. While aftermarket parts can seem like a good bargain at first, they last for a much shorter time than high-quality parts do, costing more in the long-run.

Aftermarket Parts vs. Chevrolet OEM Parts

Still questioning whether you should choose aftermarket parts vs. OEM Chevy parts for your Chevrolet vehicle? Aside from quality, here are several reasons to opt for OEM Chevrolet parts:

  • Impressive Selection: Whether you’re shopping for special performance equipment or replacement parts, you won’t need to worry about comparing prices and quality. You’ll get the best part at a good price without all of the guesswork often associated with finding the right aftermarket park.
  • Extensive Warranty Protection: Chevrolet OEM parts are protected with a Limited Parts Warranty. Using aftermarket parts could risk your warranty coverage if it’s proven that they damaged your car.
  • Longevity: OEM Chevy parts are designed to last as long as your vehicle’s original parts, which can’t be said of aftermarket parts.

For more service and parts tips like how to check transmission fluid, visit Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC.

Shop Chevy OEM Parts at Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC!

Now that you know the overwhelming benefits of Chevrolet OEM parts that sell Chevy parts and accessories, no need to look further than Edwards Chevrolet Buick GMC! Contact us today to order your parts online, or check out our parts specials and our Chevy models in-person. We anticipate helping you find the correct parts and accessories for your next ride!

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